Thursday, September 8, 2011

How to Clean a Mahogany Table

A mahogany table can give a very stylish look to any room in your house. But it also needs to be maintained in the proper way. Unlike some other types of furniture, it requires some special cares when you are cleaning it.

It is very important to know that commercial polishers are not suitable for mahogany tables. Certain chemicals in those products can cause damage to the wood. House cleaning Melbourne advise to try to use natural ingredients. Lemon oil, for example, can do a great job.

It is clear that mahogany tables need to be cleaned regularly. You should dust off your table once or twice in a week. You can do it with a soft cotton cloth or feather duster. Make sure that you are not scratching the surface of the table.

When you finish with dusting, you may find out that the table needs washing as well. Mix one tablespoon with turpentine with four tablespoons of lemon oil. Apply the solution to a clean cotton cloth and wipe the table. Then, dry with a clean towel.

Your mahogany table should be polished once or twice in a month. Mix a cup of olive oil with 1/3 cup lemon oil. That will make the table shine.

If the table has some scratches, you can wax it. Use beeswax mixed with turpentine and vinegar. Don't wax your table more than 2 times in a year.

The above tips will come you in handy for sure. I got them from carpet cleaning Melbourne, when they were dealing with my indoor and outdoor rugs.

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