Monday, October 10, 2011

How to Remove Glue from a Wood Table

You think that glue removal from your wood table is impossible? Actually that is an easy task. Of course, you need to know some things first. Read the next tips and you will see that glue can be easily removed from wood.

Start with preparing the needed tools and materials. According to domestic cleaning Melbourne, they are fine sandpaper, a soft towel and glue removing agent.

Take the sandpaper and use it to remove as much of the glue as you can. Make sure to grind in circular motions starting from the wood portion to the glue area.

When you have removed most of the glue, you can continue with applying the glue removing agent. That solution is very effective and it will help you remove all of the glue. You can buy such agent from the near store for sure.

Apply a small amount of the glue on the affected areas and wait for several minutes. For any other instructions, check the label.

After applying the agent, you will need to remove it. Use a soft towel to do that. If the glue stain is too hard to remove, you will need to repeat the process several times until you get the desired result.

If you perform the above steps, you will remove the glue from the table with ease. However, it is possible that the stain is extremely hard. Don't hesitate to call cleaning Melbourne to help you. Make an appointment and they will come and clean up whatever you ask.

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